Social Responsibility


The Company’s Board of Directors and the management and employees of the Group, believe
that corporate responsibility is an integral part of its management approach and the Group’s core values, and they attribute considerable importance to the integration of corporate responsibility in all levels of activity, based on the recognition that values and ethical and proper management go hand in hand with business success and leadership, while creating added value for all the principal shareholders.

This is reflected in the fact that in 2018, for the fourth time in a row, the Group was awarded
the Platinum Plus Ranking, the highest award given by Maala, which rates 150 of the largest
companies in the economy for CSR.

In 2018, the Group published its third CSR report, relating to 2015-2016. Publication of the
report reflects the ongoing commitment of the Group’s management and Board of Directors to
promoting an approach that underscores the integration between business management and
corporate responsibility, allowing the Group to present its activity transparently and credibly.

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