Social Responsibility

​Harel contributes to various NPOs as part of its social responsibility and it contributes to the community. Since Harel was founded more than 70 years ago, it has been involved in the community and supported NPOs that support extraordinary children, medical assistance for the needy, and in unusual cases, NPOs that support the arts and culture, sports associations, institutions of higher education, and activities to encourage the acquisition of knowledge about insurance in Israel.

Harel’s employees have a genuine sense of commitment and willingness to contribute to the community. The company has adopted Hatzalah Emergency Rescue of Israel and its motorcycle unit. Harel employees serve in Hatzalah and participate in its activities in the community.

Harel Group founded a “Green Team” of employees aimed at implementing environmental policies in the organization, coordinating environmental activities in the team members departments and divisions, leading environmental projects in the fields of energy and electricity, waste, paper, water, and transport.

As part of Harel’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact, the company is the first Israeli insurance company to carry out a carbon footprint test to measure greenhouse gases emissions by the company.

Harel has for several participated in the Maaleh rankings.

In 2012, the company won a platinum ranking, comparing a gold ranking in 2011.

Harel Insurance & Finance - Maala CSR index

Harel supports "United Hatzala"


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